Violet is a character from The Mask: The Animated Series. She is a small-time recurring character in the series where she is an attractive bank teller at the Edge City Bank and a fellow coworker of Stanley Ipkiss and her manager, Charlie Schumaker.

During her appearances, Stanley shows some romantic affection towards and acts as one of his/The Mask's love interests.

Biography Edit

In her first appearance, the season 1 episode, Double Reverse, Stanley tries to be energetic and wacky like The Mask and his new attitude gain him a date with Violet. At the end of the episode, Violet cancels the date when Stanley criticizes her wacky fruit hat when he goes back to his normal self.

She reappears in the season 2 episode, What Goes Around Comes Around, a sleeping Stanley is awakened by Charlie and accidentally hits Violet with his chair, causing her to drop the large stack of papers she was carrying. Stanley tries to make it up to her by asking for a date with her during lunch, but Dr. Chronos' evil plan of putting Stanley/The Mask on a recurring time loop causes him to go back 30 minutes before noon again where he wakes up and hits Violet again. After The Mask defeats Chronos, he returns to the bank where he awakens a sleeping Charlies with a loud cartoon horn and he accidentally hits Violet like what Stanley did. The Mask goes on a lunch date with Violet at the end.