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The Tempest is a villain from The Mask: The Animated Series.


The Tempest was a normal man named Fritz Drizzle who worked as a weatherman for the Edge City News but seem to get the weather wrong sometimes, he blame the station for not giving him the proper weather equitment, after he was fired he tried to ruin a weather statellite but then was struck by lighting which rebounded from the satellite dish onto him and he was mutated into a freak with the ability to control the weather. His First Major appearance was in the episode "Rain of Terror" where he used his powers to seel revenge on Edge City by making a Hailstorm, a blizzard and floods appear. The Mask was able to stop him by opening a manhole which sucked him down, along with the flood waters he created.


As his name shown he has the power to create weather.


  • He resemble Robin from Batman the animated series.
  • His powers is similar of storm from the X-MEN.


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