Sylvia is a character from Son of the Mask in 2005. She was a co-worker of Tim Avery and Jorge at Animagin. She and Jorge were each other's crushes but were shy towards one another, leading to an awkward and tedious relationship between the two. While wearing the Mask of Loki at the company Halloween party, Tim sees Sylvia standing alone seductively, wearing an alluring skin-tight black leather cat costume. Tim ogles Sylvia and eagerly confronts her. Startled, Sylvia stares confusingly at Tim as he gives her advice about covering up before she catches a chest cold, when actually implying that she is, in fact, too beautiful to be all covered up. Tim voluntarily wraps her up completely in mummy bandages, much to her discomfort. Admitting that it's too much, Tim forcefully unravels Sylvia from the bandages, sending her spinning like a wild tornado through a crowd of people. This magically transforms her original costume into a skimpy, red bathing suit-like garment. The sight of her receives open admiration from the other party guests. Upon loss of balance, Sylvia falls safely into the arms of Jorge, satisfying the both of them. Jorge is thereby relieved of his shyness of Sylvia and they enjoy the party together.


Sylvia in her catsuit

  • This character could be seen as a parallel to Tina Carlyle from the previous film seeing as they are treated in the same manner by the Mask wearer.
  • 1. Both characters are ogled in the same manner by the Mask
  • 2. Both characters are sent spinning into a transformation
  • 3. Both characters are left a bit pleased and pleasured by their current situation. Sylvia i.e. finally talks to Jorge while Tina is kissed by the Mask.
  • Played by Victoria Thaine.
  • Made another appearance in a deleted scene.


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    Sylvia Ogled


    Sylvia Spinning

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    Sylvia's swimsuit costume


    Sylvia and Jorge

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    Son of the Mask Best Scene-0