Stinko, Pinko and Snot also known as the Goofalotatots are three cartoon characters (a Skunk, a Beaver and a Cat) from The Mask: The Animated Series season 3 episode, The Goofalotatots. They are a parody of Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner from the Animaniacs TV series. Their manager and agent is Stu Schpeeler, a parody of The Animaniacs' creator and executive producer, Steven Spielberg.


Stinko is a skunk who wears a red cap,white turtleneck, no pants and red sneakers. Pinko is a beaver who wears a Black Ushanka and red sweater. Snot is a gray cat girl who wears a pink dress with poke-a-dot eyes.


  • The Goofalotatots are a parody of Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner from the Animaniacs TV series. Voice actors Rob Paulsen (Voice of Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask), Jess Harnell (Voice of the Phony Frenchman and Lawrence Lorenzo/The Hood) and Tress Macneille (Voice of Agnes Peenman) are the Warner Siblings voice actors and their Goofalotatots counterparts.
  • They live inside the Edge City water tower that is on what appears to be an abandoned studio lot. This is a reference about the Warner Siblings living inside the Warner Brothers Studios water tower from Animaniacs.


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