Pointy Peaks was a TV show that appeared in The Mask: The Animated Series season 2 episode, Channel Surfin'. It was the favorite TV show of the Raymond Nielsen, who would later become the super villain, Channel Surfer.

Not known about the show is that when Channel Surfer forces everyone in Edge City to watch the show's season finale, it shows the show's character, a clown in a green suit, singing gibberish in an annoying voice. The clown's terrible singing irritates and horrifies the people.

During the show's time on air, it was hated in Edge City and critically panned with a newspaper review saying it is "Too edgy for Edge City." Raymond Nielsen seems to be the only person who loves the show. A large protest against the show got it cancelled, devastating Raymond. He tries to look for the show on his many walled TV sets then accidentally hits them out of stress and they fell on him, turning him into Channel Surfer. He vows revenge against Edge City for cancelling his very favorite show.

When Channel Surfer controlled the city's television broadcasting, he forces everyone to watch the season finale until The Mask shutdowns the broadcasting and getting rid of the show for good.

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