Mystery Cruise
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date 10. November, 1997
Written by Henry Gilroy
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To Have and Have Snot
The Goofalotatots

Mystery Cruise is the fifty-first episode of The Mask: The Animated Series.


Stanley, Milo, Peggy Brandt, Charlie Schumaker, Mrs. Peenman, Lt. Kellaway, and Doyle are tricked into boarding a cruise by The Mask in order to celebrate The Mask's birthday. Unfortunately, Pretorius plans to use the ship to test his latest weapon that will create a tsunami that will destroy Edge City.


Trivia Edit

  • When The Mask describes about going back in time by rotating the Earth backwards references the famous scene from the 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve.
  • The Mask says that Milo, Peggy Brandt, Charlie Schumaker, Mrs. Peenman, Lt. Kellaway, and Doyle are his friends. Despite the fact that The Mask harasses Charlie, Mrs. Peenman, Lt. Kellaway and Doyle due to them annoying and harassing Stanley/The Mask, but Charlie is one of Stanley's best friends and Doyle is usually friendlier to The Mask than Kellaway.
  • This is the last time Lt. Kellaway is given a wedgie from The Mask, a second time given a wedgie to Charlie Schumaker and the first time given a wedgie to Mrs. Peenman in the TV series, making her one of the few female characters to gotten one, next to Gorgonzola and possibly Snot of the Goofalotatots.

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