Landfill Park is a large public park that is one of Edge City's famous landmarks. True to its name, the area was formerly a landfill before the city turned it into its current appearance. Its first appearance was in the film and appeared multiple times in the cartoon series.

History Edit

It first appeared in The Mask film, where Stanley asked his love interest, Tina Carlyle, to meet him that night. He waited for her near a bench and the sit down and talked. They watched the beautiful view of the nightly city skyline and the gas fumes above it that make a beautiful sight. Stanley wanted to talk her about The Mask and his feelings for her before putting it from behind a tree and his alter ego attempts some romantic advances on her.

Lt. Kellaway and Doyle was watching the two on a stakeout, waiting to prove that Stanley is the fugitive Mask who robbed the Edge City Bank. After The Mask tries to seduce Tina, the two detectives and three more officers revealed themselves and attempt to arrest The Mask. Tina ran away and The Mask "literally freeze" after Kellaway told him to then unfreeze. The Mask humorously talks to the cops about his innocence, confessing to the crime and begging, before getting the cuffs on him and searched by Doyle and another cop. The police searched his pockets with an endless supply of various gag toys (i.e. a squeaky toy, fish, mousetrap, a bazooka and seductive picture of Kellaway's wife, which upsets the detective), The Mask escaped custody with Kellaway and Doyle both mysteriously handcuffed by The Mask's own.

The Mask reached the Park's gate and closed it in a comically fashion of boarding it up with wood, chains and a lock before the Edge City Police ambushed the Mask with an army of officers, SWAT Team, helicopters and cameramen ordering Stanley/The Mask to surrender. The Mask treats the police force in dancing and singing in a mass-performance production of the song Cuban Pete and escapes down an alleyway where Peggy arrives in her car, rescuing him from police custody.

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode, Santa Mask, Lt. Kellaway said he wants to celebrate Christmas by bowling at Landfill Park Lanes, revealing the park has a bowling alley that Kellaway likes to go to.
  • The park also has a horse-drawn carriage service shown in the season 2 episode, Mask au Gratin, as Mrs. Peenman paid for it for Stanley's second date with her niece, Jennifer.

Gallery Edit

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