Since Stanley seemed to be five days late on the rent, but Mrs. Peenman (his cranky old lady landlady who's really
quite awesome in her eternal grouchiness) is willing to cut him a deal. She sets Stanley on a date with her neice named Jennifer Peenman and if Stanley takes her out, shows her around town, and she has a good time, Stanley gets to skip this month's rent. If Stanley doesn't take her niece out, Peenman will throw him out on the streets. At first Stanley thought that Jennifer more compared to Peenman. So at four pm, Jennifer shows up, and well what do you know, despite being related to his old, ugly, grouchy landlady that he hates, Jennifer is young, smoking hot, and nice.

She managed to take Gorgonzola's amulet from her tomb, a relic that hasn't been seen in over four thousand years, but what she didnt know that if she possess the amulet she will become Gorgonzola herself during the night of the moon with the power to turn everything into cheese.

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