The Edge City Police Department is the government organization that protects the citizens of Edge City.

The Mask (film)Edit

The ECPD's uniforms are dark blue shirts, pants and a tie, and act like every ordinary major American city police force. They are shown to be semi-competent and care for the safety of their citizens and fighting crime. But, during The Mask's Cuban Pete dance scene, the whole police force, except for Lt. Kellaway, are suddenly hypothesized by The Mask's music and dancing and joined in dancing with him, giving him the opportunity to escape them. But, they later come to their senses thanks to Kellaway and chased after him. Kellaway, Doyle and a large group of police officers tried to shoot at Stanley escaping in Peggy's car but all missed.

The Animated SeriesEdit

The ECPD's appearance has changed in the TV series that is different than the film. The police uniforms contain a light blue shirt, blue tie and dark jeans. Many officers shown in the series are a white brunette male, an African American male and a female red-head.

Despite in successfully arresting criminals and villains and stopping crime, The Edge City Police Department is portrayed as incompetent, careless and idiots as they fail at knowing the obvious clue and helping people and barely show care and help for the safety of their fellow citizens. It is shown in Malled, that only Kellaway and Doyle are the only officers sent to stop Lonnie the Shark and his gang from robbing the new bank in the new Mega Mall and holding the people there hostage while the rest of the police force, with squad cars and helicopters, is out looking for the person, (The Mask), who robbed the snooty Bastille Bakery who is the police's favorite place for donuts and pastry, referencing the stereotypical view that American police officers are obsessed with donuts and noting the selfishness and carelessness in the ECPD. And in Mayor Mask, an African American police officer is busy writing a ticket when the new parking meters are being installed while Stanley was obliviously being robbed at gunpoint and later gives the ticket to Stanley, upsetting him.

They are shown to be massive numbers of officers and squad cars and heavily equipped and armed with military weaponry when dealing with bigger threats, including mortar launches, big tanks, attack helicopters and militarized SWAT teams, despite so, they're powerless against The Mask's invincibility and strength.

The ECPD and The Mask has a mixed, antagonistic relationship as The Mask is on the city's most wanted list and viewed as a menace at times, (usually by Kellaway), and they do hunt and try to arrest him with car chases and The Mask at times retaliating with his antics. Kellaway and Doyle are The Mask's usually victims but other officers suffer under The Mask's troublesome hi-jinks. But, at times,The Mask does help the police and the city in stopping criminals and villains when committing a crime or threatening the city. In Shrink Rap, Kellaway, Doyle and three other police officers are given atomic wedgies from The Mask after capturing Pretorius for fun. And later giving another to Kellaway and an African American officer when hearing Kellaway bad-mouth about The Mask. In the beginning of Mystery Cruise, The Mask goes on a rampage in Edge City with a pie-throwing contest at Mayor Tilton and the city council, leaving the Mayor furious, and putting the whole police force in a gigantic circus performance, being focused of being shot out of cannons, riding on unicycles and walking on tight rope, making them furious. It ended with a massive police chase and failing to capture him once again as Kellaway and Doyle's squad car ended up on a garbage barge after failing to successfully jump an open-draw bridge due to The Mask posing as a crossing guard and stopping them before they make it, and the rest of the police force running in fear as The Mask shots into the sky in a cannon as a human cannonball, thinking at first he's going to shot them with it.

Known Officers Edit

  • Lt. Mitch Kellaway (Lieutenant/detective)
  • Doyle (detective)
  • Ben Gothan (Police commissioner)
  • Lawrence Lorenzo/The Hood (Former police chief/incarcerated villain)
  • African American male cop (officer)
  • Red-haired male cop (officer)
  • Red-haired female cop (officer)
  • Brunette male cop (officer)
  • SWAT Troopers (Riot police troopers)