Edge City Hall is the center of Edge City's municipal government and the office of the city's current mayor, Mitchell Tilton, and its city council.

Biography Edit

It is a massive, tan-colored building with a large staircase that has been used for Mayor Tilton's platform speeches to the city. The large lettering, EDGE CITY HALL, is placed on the center of the main entrance between the two front doors.

City hall has been appeared in many episodes of The Mask: The Animated Series during the mayor's speeches, campaign rallies or ceremonies like Mayor Tilton's Bavariaville ceremony during the season 2 episode, Flight as a Feather.

City hall has been a victim of antics from The Mask. In the season 3 episodes, Mystery Cruise, The Mask did a messy pie-throwing contest during a city council, angering Mayor Tilton, and in its final appearance, The Goofalotatots, The Mask and Stinko, Pinko and Snot thrown toilet paper around the building and ECPD commissioner, Ben Gothan, had to paperwork about the incident before The Mask and the Goofalotatots attacked for Pretorius' evil scheme of taking over the city.

Gallery Edit

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