The Edge City Bank, also known as Edge City Savings and Loans, is a bank in Edge City where Stanley Ipkiss and Charlie Schumaker works at. It first appeared in the film and made multiple appearances in the animated series.

It reveals in the episode, Malled, the bank is a franchise as a new branch is opened in the new mega mall which was later robbed by Lonnie the Shark and his gang before The Mask stopped them.

The bank had different changes between the movie and the cartoon show. In the film, it was a street-level skyscraper with marble columns on the front entrance with the sign, EDGE CITY SAVINGS AND LOANS, on top. In the TV show, it's a medium sized, two story building on top of a large staircase with six marble columns on the entrance with the word, BANK, on top of it.

Known employeesEdit


  • The bank in the movie was filmed at the old Bank of America building on 650 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles.


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