Counterfeit Mask
Season 2, Episode 30
Air date 14. October, 1996
Written by Alexx Van Dyne
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The Green Marine

Counterfeit Mask is the forty-fifth episode of The Mask: The Animated Series.


Stanley is accused of counterfeiting money after picking up the luggage of the mysterious Selina Swint at the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy wears The Mask and fulfills her dream of being glamorous.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time in the series where Stanley/The Mask is set up and accused of something that he did not do. The first being in Cool Hand Mask as The Mask, but this time,(in this episode)as himself.
  • Counterfeit Mask was also the name of an episode from The Lone Ranger only it was titled "The Counterfeit Mask"

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