Burt Ripley


Place of birth

Edge City (possibly)


Auto mechanic


Johnny Williams

First appearance

The Mask (film)

Burt Ripley is a character from The Mask (1994). He was portrayed by actor Johnny Williams.

Burt runs a garage in Edge City that specializes in ripping off customers by "finding" new problems with their vehicles. He is first seen discussing underhanded business practices with his partner Murray before informing Stanley Ipkiss that his car is in need of further repairs. When Stanley insists he needs a car for the Coco Bongo that night, Burt offers him the broken-down Loaner. Stanley, as The Mask, later takes his revenge by shoving an oversized car muffler up Burt's rear. Burt is last shown whimpering in pain on a hospital gurney, the muffler pipe protruding from his behind.


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